We provide specialist clinical care, primary care and prescribing services for those in the community that require support.

Specialist prescribing

We have provided a specialist prescribing service (Opiates) to the community of Middlesbrough for over 12 years. The work we deliver is on behalf of Public Health and Wellbeing Middlesbrough Council as part of the Safer Middlesbrough Partnership and is focused on giving you the help you need when you want to make those changes.

Our team are passionate about helping you and are here to talk to you and guide you through your prescribing programme.

This may include specialist support in:

  • Opiate substitute prescribing (including oral methadone)
  • Opiate detoxification medication prescribing (Lofexidine)
  • Methadone prescribing – maintenance and detoxification
  • Buprenorphine prescribing
  • Naltrexone prescribing
  • Non-opiate based detoxification
  • Naloxone prescribing

In addition, we look at a full range of health and wellbeing solutions available to help you make positive changes in your life. We care about you and we’re here to help.

If you want to get over an alcohol issue, our specialist teams will support you and your family, when you need us.

We have a full range of services including:

  • Home/Inpatient detoxification
  • Relapse prevention

We will also help you access a range of psychosocial interventions and aftercare health support.

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Specialist primary care

We are a provider of specialist primary care services for the people of Middlesbrough, these are services that are usually provided by your GP. These services are commissioned by NHS England to help us support you, the people of Middlesbrough and we have been successfully doing this since 2001.

Our practice has around 800 people registered, who have different levels of drug and alcohol issues or have found themselves homeless. We make sure that you get the best care and attention at Foundations which is why we provide you with rapid access to services and treatments. We want to help you build a better life and a better future for your families.

If you are an asylum seeker, you can access these services with links into whatever services you need such as family support, midwifery, vaccinations and interpreting.

Once registered with us, you will have your own named GP who will be there to support you. If you’ve forgotten who your doctor is, just call us to find out. If ever your preferred doctor isn’t available, we’ll always find you an alternative.

Do you have a chronic illnesses (for example, hypertension, angina, diabetes, asthma, COPD)? We can help you find the most suitable treatment.

Do you feel depressed or become anxious? We are here to talk and will support you to make that positive change.

Do you suffer with muscular pain, arthritis or thyroid dysfunction? Let our staff take care of you.

Primary Care services also include ill health prevention and health promotion, specialist maternal and child health care services, such as family planning services and vaccinations as well as a range of treatment options in relation to harm reduction.

On behalf of all GP practices in South Tees we hold the violent patient register. This means any patient listed on the register will come to our practice.

Our clinicians work closely with a range of other experts to provide the very best care for you. This could include clinical support workers, IBA drug and alcohol misuse support workers, alcohol detox workers, healthcare assistants as well as health improvement assistants. We also ensure close collaboration with other healthcare providers including, community services, Acute (Hospital) services and mental health services.

We want to help you, so whilst you are not able to refer yourself when requiring support for a drug or alcohol issue, we will be able to provide you with details of the services that can help you.

If you are within the Middlesbrough area, just call us on 01642 354550. You’ll get your own doctor who is responsible for your care.

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