On 08/10/2019 Foundations was proud to present to you a range of international and national harm reduction experts who shared their knowledge and expertise as a call for action to reduce drug related harms.
With increasing drug related deaths, the time for talking is over; we need to take action to halt the deaths. The aim of the conference was to provide you with information for you to take action.
Together we can make a difference.

Slides available to download

1. Decriminalization_Drugs – Ricardo Baptista

2. A Blue Print for Regulation Jane Slater 1

3. Anyone’s Child – Jane Slater 2

4. Johann Harri – https://youtu.be/ny1cHKBWTbY

5. Policing Drugs – Jason Harwin

6. EuroNPUD – Mat Southwell

7. Dr Magdelena Harris

8. UK – Foundations – Zoe Dodd

9. Developing P2PN Naloxone Training & Supply in the – George Charlton

10. MAT october 2019 – Dr Prun Bijral

11. Reducing Harms Spice use -Dr Roya Vazri & Kim Kaur

12. Tesside Cannabis Club – Michael Fisher

13. The Swiss HAT- Dr Marc Vogel

14. We talk they die conference slides- Danny Ahmed




Dr Ricardo Baptista

Jane Slater

Rose Humphries
Suzanne Sharkey

Johann Harri (videolink)

Jason Harwin

Mat Southwell

Dr Magdelena Harris

Zoe Dodd

George Charlton

Emma (Naloxone Peer)

Colin (Naloxone Peer)

Davey (Naloxone Peer)

Chrissy (Naloxone Peer)

Dr Prun Bijral

Dr Roya Vazri

Kim Kaur

Michael Fisher

Danny Ahmed