3rd September 2018

Thanks to all those who attended a fantastic and informative conference.


Slides available to download

Danny Ahmed – You Cant Recovery if You Dead Presentation

Jonathan Bowden – Naloxone: Middlesbroughs Approach

Ambros Uchtenhagen – Heroin Assisted Treatment the Swiss Experience

John Strang – Heroin assisted treatment history

Eilish Gilvarry – Injectable heroin and potential use – review of advice

John Strang – Heroin-Assisted Treatment: the RIOTT trial and its findings

Saket Priyadarshi – Drug Consumption Rooms and Heroin Assisted Treatment in Glasgow?

Kirstie Douse – Drug Consumption Rooms and the Law

Cedric Charvet – Running a Successful Drug Consumption Room

Jane Knowles – Seek treat and eradicate Hepatitis C

Dot Turton – Harm Reduction & Recovery presentation

Chris Brady – Drug Safety Testing to Reduce Harm